Having a smart building can help make your work or living space more user friendly, while saving on operating expenses and enhancing comfort. We are now offering sales, installation and consulting services to make your space smarter. The main feature of out Smart Building technology is the Kirio Automation Hub. Kiro Enables you to manage your space with one mobile app, and easily create scenarios to make you space more responsive.

The Kirio Base is the starting point, from which one can add devices on a scale that fits your needs, as well as your budget.

Paired with a variety of other smart building products including Light switches, motion and temperature sensors, door locks, window blinds, energy monitoring and many other products, we can make your space easier to mange and maintain

With options that fit both new construction, as well as retrofits for existing structures, we are sure to find ways to integrate Smart Building Technology into your space. Many of the product we utilize use Z-wave wireless technology for integration without having install new wiring.

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Automation Benefits:
  • Saves Energy
  • User Friendly
  • Enhances Comfort
  • Improves air Quality



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