DaveIn 1999 I started my web design career as a project for my employer at the time.

I quickly discovered that not only was web design interesting, I found that it was also enjoyable.

I continued to develop my skills and obtained an Associates Degree as a Web Technologist, and I continue expanding my knowledge and skills on a continual basis.

A long time career in technical infrastructure management led me to decide to construct my own Server environment to host the Web Sites that I, and others create. I recently added builiding automation consulting to the service that I offer to leverage the knowledge and skils that I have aquired over the years.

I enjoy interacting with people, and strongly believe that relationships have value.

I am not just selling a service, or server space, but a relationship that can assist you in developing a Web Presence that reflects your needs and image.

We are happy to assist you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



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